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Advance Auto Parts
Store #9003

951 Fairlawn Ave
Laurel, MD 20707
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07:30:00 - 21:00:00
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In-Store Services
  • Motor Oil Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
  • Battery Installation
  • Starter, Alternator, Battery Bench Testing
  • Loaner Tools
  • Gear Oil Recycling
  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Charging System Testing
  • *Store services subject to change. Contact store to confirm service availability.
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Advance Auto Parts Laurel, MD | Store #9003

Looking for a Laurel auto parts store? Choose Advance Auto Parts on 951 Fairlawn Ave to find what you need at an affordable price.

To do your own vehicle repairs, you need quality auto parts, ranging from truck or car batteries for reliable starting power to truck or car brakes for safe driving. In the 951 Fairlawn Ave store, you'll find shocks and struts for a smooth comfortable ride, what's needed for a proper tune up, including motor oil ,filters, belts and much more.

At your Laurel auto parts store, there's much more than the items needed for repairs and maintenance. There are also friendly, knowledgeable Team Members who will answer questions and recommend the parts needed to do your own repairs.

For added convenience, order any quality auto parts online and pick them up at your Laurel auto parts store at 951 Fairlawn Ave on the same day. Need more information about this store? Call 301-776-7600 today.

When quality auto parts are needed, fast, convenient service is important. Fortunately, Advance Auto Parts is open 7 days a week.

Stop by 951 Fairlawn Ave in Laurel to find exactly what you need. For even more time savings, order what you need online and then pick it up at your Advance Auto Parts store.

If you need help choosing the right parts, ask any Team Member at your Advance Auto Parts store and get knowledgeable advice.

The Advance Auto Parts Team knows what parts are right for each job. Are you more of a visual learner? If so, then watch these auto repair videos with clear and helpful step by step instructions.

Make the Laurel auto parts store at 951 Fairlawn Ave in Laurel your store today. Call 301-776-7600 with any questions.

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Store Reviews for Advance Auto Parts Laurel, MD
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2.4 Rating

Luis Sorto
2016-09-14 02:50:00-05
"READ ME, ONLY IF I COULD GIVE 0 STARS" One week ago i visited this AAP for a axle socket and a 1/2 drive torque wrench from there rental program... the hispanic lady in front claimed she couldnt look up a axle socket size and instead reffered me to the tool aisle and said "does any of these look like the one you need?"...uhh if i knew what size i needed i wouldnt be asking yall too look it up! Then i asked her for a 1/2 in drive torque wrench and she told me "we dont loan wrenches" uhh seriously!? "MIND-BLOWN" So as i explained to her the tools function, she looked even more puzzled so she called upon "i guess" a manager "tall, skinny "AA" male with glasses and dreads" well as i waited roughly 15 mins for him because obviously his phone call/ txt msgs were more important than his paying customer, i had no choice but to call the AZ down road so they could look up the correct socket, which they did... at AAP the lady looked at me and asked me so did they tell you the right size? Yup they sure did! Size 32mm "ooh we don't carry that one but you can buy one, use and return it if you want she said" JESUS M-FING CHRIST yall have got to be kidding me! If i wanted to buy it then I wouldve bought a complete set and been on my merry F-ING way instead of wasting my precious time and daylight here... this is why its called a LOANER PROGRAM!!... so 15 mins later the manager comes out, he didn't bother coming to help me "he forgot because he was to busy lolly-gagging on his phone the whole time"... so i had to call him out, I asked him if I could rent a 1/2 in drive torque wrench, and he said " no we don't carry it" uuum for real? GTFOH!! AAP doesn't rent or carry one of the most essential tools in the automotive industry... "I have worked in auto tech and in autoparts sales management and customer service for over 10+ yrs, I have never come across this kind of situation before regardless of how helpful they think they are!" If AAP str management and corporate offices would actually stop hiring these DUMBASS TOOLS AND RATCHETS off of the streets and actually hire some decent somewhat knowledgeable people who actually know a thing or 2 about autoparts, tech and TOOLS and who would be willing to devote time to they're customers with better than minimum wage pay "because Corporate America wants to cut corners" then Advanced Auto Parts bad reputation would start to go away and they might see an increase in sales and retain customers loyalty -_- ... i will most defintely not come back to this APP again."sorry i gave yall a chance" unfortunately for me i cant seem to find an O'Reilly autoparts in MD "there inventory and customer service is truly on point"... ooh well, come on napa plz don't let me down, yall are the top quality aftermarket autoparts retailers! Right?
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Osh Oshiberu
2016-06-15 02:20:45-05
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Paul Yu
2016-05-13 02:32:19-05
Best during off peak hours. But who really knows when that is. Good selection but online purchase is really the way to go. In store pick up.
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John A
2016-04-11 02:18:43-05
Review Source:

Cathy Korecki
2016-03-28 02:17:18-05
They gave me the wrong parts and bad advice. The man that "helped" me didn't even seem to care that much about my problem. I hate writing bad reviews which is why I had mercy and put 2 stars.
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M Bond
2016-02-04 17:11:15-06
The wait is forever if you need to go to the parts desk. Small selection.
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Aaron Bates
2016-01-06 17:11:15-06
I placed an online order to pick up in store four hours in advance, 8 items. It took them a half an hour to get the one guy that was in the store ahead of me and they did not have my order pulled but had 3 guys in the store. What's more is the cashier couldn't tell the difference between two quarts of oil and the two gallons of oil that was on the order. To add to the major inconveniences the brand new headlights I purchased that was just an upgrade blow out in 2 days. Plus the new transmission fiter/seal kit won't stop leaking no matter how many times I re-torque them and following the manufacturer instructions of not using silicone or adhesive for said gasket. Now I am going to have to purchase another 2 gallons of fluid and waist another few hundred dollars of services on a vehicle that would have only been done once if the parts from this place would at least last more then 2 days. Not worth the discount for online purchases that's for sure.
Review Source:

Luiz Maia
2016-01-06 17:11:15-06
Review Source:

John Topp
2015-10-08 17:11:15-05
Review Source:

2015-07-10 17:11:15-05
With the new remodeling of the store here recently everything went to hell in a hand basket. You have to wait in the parts lookup line just to purchase a light bulb that you got off the shelf. Takes for every to be able to pay for something. Several employees there but most seem to be just milling around. Once you are finally waited on they are polite and usually have the part you need.
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